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DK’s Slim Gym, is a private, residential gym which provides a personal fitness program with a NASM certified personal trainer for individuals, partners and groups. NO ANNUAL GYM MEMBERSHIP FEES. Discounted prices without the high cost memberships.

DK’s Slim Gym is Northwest Houston’s Home Gym on a Budget. DK’s Slim Gym Fitness Program’s Features and Benefits, is directly from NASM National Academy of Sports Medicine (the global leader in personal training). DK Hughes is the owner and personal trainer of DK’s Slim Gym starting in 2011 as well as a Copperfield community resident since 1994. DK is Certified for Life with NASM as a Exercise Specialist who offers personal training programs in a residential gym as well as outdoor fitness boot camps. From Stability, Strength, Power Training, you’ll experience a variety of unique and challenging moves at safe and private gym. All certified personal trainers strictly follow NASM’s Code of Ethics. You will be taught how to train smarter, heal faster, and build an injury-proof body. DK’s Slim Gym offers 30 minute or 60 minute sessions. Pricing is based upon individual assessment and fitness goals.

Gym Hours:

Mon-Thr   6:AM – Noon, 3:PM – 8:PM
Fri   6:AM – Noon, 3:PM – 7:PM
Sat   6:AM – Noon

Fitness your way