Boot Camp


Fitness your way with IMPRESSIVE RESULTS!


DK Hughes has three certifications with the National Academy of Sports Medicine, inwhich one of them is the Performance Exercise Specialist. For the past three years, he has performed challenging outdoor fitness boot camps for groups ages 18-65 at community park with parking and restrooms. This boot camp welcomes men and/or women, beginners, athletes, groups as well as private sessions available for you or just your friends. During the 60-min boot camp session, DK leads you through challenging high-intensity drills comprising cardio, resistance, and core training exercises. These boot camps may include plyometrics – sprints – calisthenics – battle ropes – hill climbing – agility ladder – core exercises – tabatas – relay races, varying each session to ensure impressive results.

DK’s Fitness Boot Camps
If your ready to develop skills, coordination, and flexibility you never thought possible, then come try out DK’s Fitness Boot Camps. With your hard effort, you will reach fitness goals like having more energy, improved endurance, muscle toning, and strengthen core. You will be taught how to train smarter, heal faster, build an injury-proof body. Take advantage of the outdoor benefits by taking this fitness challenge.

Boot Camps are held each Saturday and Sunday mornings: Harris County Park on West Road with parking and restrooms.

Items Required: Guests age 18+ are welcome and must provide their own mat, towel, gloves, and drink. Boot Camp packages starting as low as $10.00 per session. 1st Session Complimentary. DK’s Fitness Boot Camp your solution to a fitter you!


Boot Camp Prices


Must Register and Pay before boot camp begins. Cash, Checks and Credit Cards accepted. Drop ins welcome.

Register Forms (required)
The forms below must be completed prior to your first boot camp fitness program. You may complete the forms online using a PDF Reader and send to or you may print the forms and bring along with you before your boot camp fitness session begins.

Health History Questionnaire.pdf
Physcial Activity Readines PAR-Q.pdf
Fitness Release Waiver