Personal Trainer Fitness Program Benefits

Weight Loss

Better Flexibility

Increased Strengths

Energy Boosts

Muscle Toning

Strengthen Core

Dk’s Slim Gym, your solution to a fitter you!

  • “I’m 51, diagnosed with 17 different medical problems and was in constant pain being seen by eleven physicians and was on enough opiates to kill most. We started core exercises and gradually added weight-bearing exercises. I exercised with him 3-hrs a week and I notice a change. I gained a significant amount of muscle mass. I was able to discontinue all medications. I have energy and strength, and much less pain. When I started I couldn’t do lower body exercise as I had torn ligament and arthritic knees. Now I am squatting 280 lbs. I have had other trainers in the past, but Darryl has been the best. He creatively changes the routine. I highly recommend Darryl if you want to make a positive and lasting change to your body!” – Allen B.

    Make a positive and lasting change to your body
  • “I’m 28, Darryl has helped motivate and meet my goals, I have been working out with Darryl for over a year now and have enjoyed every workout. Darryl not only pushes you, but understands and developes workouts that are specifc to your needs.” –Tiffani C.

    Workouts that are specifc to your needs
  • “I’m 63, I have been working out with Darryl for a few months now and I am most impressed with his level of expertise. He has depth of knowledge that will keep my interest for years to come and I have achieved excellent results!” – Linda B.

    I have achieved excellent results
  • “I’m 58, Darryl is a great trainer. He always knows how hard to push you. I become much stronger as a result of working with him.” –Janis O. 

    Darryl is a great trainer
  • “I’m 50, The Boot Camp was a jump start back into fitness. After getting bored with my old fitness routine of walking and small weights, Darryl’s program introduced me to lots of new ways to get a great workout.” “Even though the workouts were hard, I always looked forward to them because of how great I felt afterwards. I had more energy and could see definite results. The Boot Camp also introduced me to lots of new exercise equipment that can enhance your workouts without breaking the bank.” –Carrie P.

    I have more energy and could see definite results
  • “I’m 46, I have been working with Darryl for over two years and I have not only lost pounds and inches, but also built muscle in the right places. I’ve never get bored about routines or sessions, due to constant changes. Darryl has taken me and my workout level above and beyond my own personal goals. Worked with him in multiple variety of sessions: one-to-one, group and boot camps. Darryl is an excellent professional always looking for more knowledge that helps him bring the best of each one of his clients.” – Victor G.

    Never boring, due to constant changes
  • “I’m 63 year old man and I work out with Darryl three times a week. In a little over six months my neck has reduced, my chest is down two inches, my waist four inches. All due to the different exercises that Darryl puts me through. My legs, arms, chest everything is worked. The program is worth the money and the price is great. I would highly recommend Darryl.” – Bill B.

    Program is worth the money and the price is great
  • “I’m 52, I have been training with Darryl since October 2011, and highly recommend him as a personal fitness trainer. Darryl designs fitness programs that focus on total body exercise and each workout is always different. Darryl is also trained in corrective exercise and focuses on your specific needs to help you correct and improve imbalances. Training with Darryl has helped me improve in strength, endurance, balance and confidence! I have gained muscle mass while losing inches and body fat. Workouts are always different and never boring. He keeps me motivated and pushes me to always do my best.” – Kim W.

    Improve in strength, endurance, balance and confidence
  • “I’m 32 year old female and I LOVE boot camp! I get to enjoy the outdoors, and fresh air. With 3 kids and a full time job, it is the only “me” time for the week. I love the constant change of routines. Every session leaves me excited for the next. After the birth of my daughter, I needed extra motivation to help me lose those last stubborn 15 pounds. Boot camp has really left me feeling stronger and better about myself!” – Jennifer B.

    Every session leaves me excited for the next
  • “I’m 64, Have been working with Darryl since May 2011 gaining overall tremendous strength, agility, stamina and cardio fitness. Variety of workout routines keeps me coming back for the next challenge. Darryl has been totally professional in all areas and is always working on improving the training he offers. Amazed at what I can do at 64+.” – Pat A.

    Totally professional in all areas
  • “I am a 54 year old man and this is the best trainer I’ve ever had. He knows what I want and delivers with knowledge and mercy. He has a wholistic approach and his goal is for us to be fit and healthy. His prices are very affordable. I only regret that I don’t have the time to take his classes during the week. “ Andres A.

    Wholistic Approach to Fitness

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